Mate Pipore is an Argentinian drink, it is consumed mainly in  Lebanon and is considered as the most popular and traditional drink. The link between Argentina,  They invaded these countries and stayed for over 400 years. The Arabs made their way to Argentina to escape the Othman Turks in the 1860’s.

When they finally started to return home in the mid 1970’s they brought with them this unique drink. This actually made   Lebanon the biggest consuming  country after Argentina.  ( note: Mate grows only in south America).

The taste of Pipore Mate has the strength of coffee, a taste as smooth silk and deep earthy tones that make this drink so unique. With an array of health Benefits and bursting with vitamins, Pipore Mate is in a class of its own. So let’s talk about them!

Healthy benefits of Yebara Mate:
  • Full of natural Antioxidants
  • Gives energy and could improve physical performance
  • Helps to protect your immune system against Infection
  • Aids weight loss
  • Improves digestion, has been known to help sufferers of Crohn’s disease

Ingredients of Yebara Mate
With a heavy dose of chopped twigs (palos), finely milled leaves mixed with broadly cut leaves, the taste is as euphoric as Swiss chocolate!

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