Mate Piporé is from the green tea family and is now one of the fastest growing brands in the Middle East region  due to its unique flavor and diversity of different blends we have  developed to meet the modern market expectation. To date Syria remains the biggest consumer in the world for Mate.

Arar Trading Company are the sole agents in the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Oman and Yemen.  You can also find our products in Syria and Lebanon.

Being  SOLE agent for such unique products in the middle east region , works hand in hand with the Mate produces and our customer to meet the Mate mixed blend they are expecting from us .

Yebara Mate ingredients vary from each blend, with a heavy dose of chopped twigs (palos), finely milled leaves mixed with broadly cut leaves, the taste is as euphoric as Swiss chocolate!

Piporé Mate has the strength of coffee, a taste smooth as silk, with a deep earthy tone. They have diversified from the most traditional Mate with new flavors such as Red  ( Argentinian mix)  and ( Syrian mix)   Mate White(  Malta Mix ) , green ( with whole leaves ), top of the range is the Orange golden blend , and the latest flavor is Lemon with mint, tangerine and herbs.

To name just a few healthy benefits of Yebara Mate,

  • Full of natural Antioxidants
  • Gives energy and could improve physical performance.
  • Helps to protect your immune system against Infection.
  • Aids weight loss.

Improves digestion, has been known to help sufferers of Crohn’s disease.

Look always for the original Mate Pipore Produced in Argentina and beware of imitation products on the market.

Where can I buy Pipore mate online ? and Look no further than Arar Trading, we export Pipore Mate to all Middle East countries.